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Asset Management in Geneva

Updated on Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Asset-Management-in-GenevaSwitzerland is known for its financial services sector which is one of the most important contributors to the economy. Thanks to the great number of professionals in this field, the country is one of the greatest financial centers in Europe, thus wealthy persons and investors who operate in the investment funds sector appeal to the services provided by these specialists to have their assets administered.
Geneva is one of the largest asset management centers in Switzerland, as the city is also one of the world’s most important business hubs.
If you are interested in asset management in Geneva, our Swiss lawyers explain what this implies.
You can rely on us if you want to set up a business or an investment fund in Switzerland.

Services related to asset management in Geneva

Foreign citizens and investors who operate in Switzerland can rely on tailored services for when it comes to Geneva-based asset managent. Among these, we present the following:
  1. making investment decisions in accordance with the client’s visions and expectations;
  2. administering various types of assets, including estates on behalf of clients;
  3. keeping track of the assets under administration;
  4. making investment proposals based on market trends;
  5. development and implementation of investment plans.
These are just some of the client-oriented services as asset management company in Geneva can provide for Swiss and foreign investors and private individuals who decide for this excellency center.
Our law firm in Switzerland is at your disposal with detailed information on the main services related to asset management in this country.

How to choose an asset manager in Geneva

Not only Geneva, but Zurich is also an important asset management center in Switzerland, as both cities have numerous specialists ready to offer professional asset administration services.
As a general rule, managers (no matter if they are companies or individuals) must be licensed in order to provide such services. They must also meet specific conditions to offer them.
Asset managers must obtain their licenses with FINMA (the Financial Supervisory Authority) in Switzerland. Recently the legislation has changed, and if you need information about it, you can rely on our lawyers in Switzerland.
You can rely on our Swiss law firm for various services. We strive to offer the most suitable solutions to clients. We can advise on a variety of topics, among which business creation, licensing and even offer support in litigation cases, thus answering the needs of a large number of clients. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Asset management services for private clients in Geneva

The number of Swiss and foreign citizens who use asset management in Geneva is quite important, as these are usually wealthy persons interested in having their estates planned and administered.
No matter if the estate refers to their wealth or trusts created for future generation, Switzerland is renowned at worldwide level for the services asset managers here are good at.
Also, those who invest in financial tools rely on asset managers to obtain profits. These are usually professional and non-qualified investors who want to seize investment opportunities on the Swiss or other stock markets and use the services of companies qualified to advise them and to administer their portfolios. Asset management in Geneva is not ensured only by companies, but also by managers who are authorized.
In Switzerland, asset management does not cover only investment funds, as it is often the case of other countries, as this state has a good reputation as a financial hub centered an all types of investors.
Our Swiss law firm is at your service if you are a licensed asset manager and want to set up a consulting business.

Asset management services for investment funds in Switzerland

Switzerland hosts numerous local and foreign investment funds with impressive portfolios. In the case of foreign entities, having their assets managed here is quite a privilege as they can take advantage of the infrastructure and the taxation system which benefits their owners, as well as their funds, in accordance with the legal forms they are created under.
As asset management company can provide professional services that can maximize the profits and can influence the development of investment funds’ portfolios. 
If you want to set up an investment fund in Switzerland, you can rely on our lawyers.

The financial market sector in Switzerland

According to a recent report issued by FINMA, Switzerland hosts around 29,000 financial institutions from various subsectors. Among these:
  • 17,710 are financial intermediary companies (insurance companies, self-regulated organizations);
  • 9,900 are collective investment funds;
  • 520 are banks which is an impressive number for an European country;
  • 400 are fund management companies.
If you are interested in asset management in Geneva and need more information on the services available, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Switzerland.