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Asset Management in Zurich

Updated on Monday 30th August 2021

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Asset-Management-in-ZurichSwitzerland is one of the most important financial centers in the world setting the tone on the importance of financial regulations and the types of services special vehicles operating in this field can provide. One of these services are asset management, and Zurich is one of the most important cities where important corporations provide them.
Asset management implies various procedures, among which development, operations, maintenance, and sale of assets in a way that benefits the holder of these assets. Such services are usually provided by specialized vehicles, such as banks, but also individuals who act as asset managers.
Below, our lawyers in Switzerland explain the main characteristics of what asset management in Zurich imply. You can rely on us for various services, including legal assistance on investment vehicles and funds.

Who can use asset management services in Zurich?

Asset management services are available for all asset owners, companies and individuals alike, and Switzerland is one of the best examples in the world in this sense. Investment funds, private wealthy individuals and companies can benefit from experienced asset managers that can be usually found in Zurich, one of the most important local financial centers.
Asset management in Zurich covers a wide area of services provided to all types of investors.
This sector is well regulated in this country and our Swiss lawyers can provide detailed information on this aspect.

The services related to the management of assets in Zurich

Here are the main services associated with asset management in Zurich:
  1. specialized assistance in keeping track of all the assets;
  2. guaranteeing the integrity of the assets, as well as the accuracy of amortization rates;
  3. complete identification and mitigation of risks related to the assets held;
  4. the creation of asset development plans that ensure the success of a business;
  5. asset recovery is also a service that can be offered by a service provider.
Asset management is usually completed by specialized financiers or companies and in Switzerland it is a tradition for many businesses and private individuals with high net worth to appeal to such services.
Our law firm in Switzerland can offer more information on what asset management implies and its legal implications.

How to choose an asset manager in Zurich

Luckily, Switzerland is the country where specialists in the financial field can be easily found, however, the high number can pose some difficulties in making such a decision.
If you decide for asset management in Zurich, here are some guidelines you can follow in order to ease the decision-making process:
  • decide on the exact services you need;
  • select a few specialists (private individuals or companies) and compare them;
  • complete due diligence on the chosen service provider.
You should note that all Swiss asset managers must know undergo a licensing procedure with the Financial Supervisory Authority (FINMA) which is one of the best ways of determining if your choice is a good one.

The main benefits of asset management in Zurich

Without a doubt having a specialist to work for you is one of the main benefits of using the services of an asset manager in Zurich.
No matter if you own a business in Switzerland or hold assets in an investment fund, the first thing an asset manager can do for you is to improve and maximize your portfolio. Especially in the case of companies, as they grow, they will also have more assets. Categorizing them by type, value, and use is one of the main benefits of using a service provider that can track their performance at any time and report to you.
An asset manager ensures the efficiency of a business by keeping track of its assets from the beginning to the time they are disposed of. He or she can also reduce the expenditures of lower value, such as equipment and tools.
Such a manager can also ensure legal and financial compliance in the case of companies and investment funds.
Asset management in Zurich and Switzerland in general is a very useful tool when dealing with financial requirements.

The asset management sector in Switzerland

Zurich and Geneva are the top asset management destinations in Europe at the moment. According to FINMA:
  • the market size of assets administered by managers in Switzerland was 2,519 billion CHF in 2019;
  • their value represented 3 times Switzerland’s Gross Domestic Product in 2019;
  • the total net revenues from this industry were 13.85 billion CHF the same year;
  • this sector also created around 10,000 jobs.
If you need more information on asset management in Zurich, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Switzerland.