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Switzerland, Third Jurisdiction for Digital Evolution

The Digital Evolution Index 2017 revealed that Switzerland occupies the third place for competitiveness in the field of digital technologies. The Digital Evolution Index 2017 takes into consideration 60 jurisdictions and it analyses their digital development starting with 2008, but also their competitiveness and economic growth registered during this period. Foreing businessmen interested in starting a business in Switzerland in this field must know that the country is ranking as the third global economy on this matter, after two other European countries. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth information on the legislation regulating digital activities here. 

Pharmaceutical Products, Top Swiss Exports in the First Half of 2017


The Swiss exports reached a new record in the first half of 2017, mostly due to the export activities carried out for pharmaceutical and chemical products. Investors interested in opening a company in Switzerland in the trading sector should know that the value of the Swiss exports accounted for CHF 109.6 billion, which represented an increase of 4.4%. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth advice on the regulations referring to the import-export activities

Switzerland, the Leading Innovative Jurisdiction at a Global Level


The business environment in Switzerland can provide numerous attractive incentives for the investors who want to start a business in this country. Switzerland was awarded with the title of leading innovative jurisdiction at a global level for the seventh consecutive year at the tenth edition of the Global Innovation Index 2017Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth advice on the legal framework applicable in this country for business purposes. 

Switzerland, a Top Financial Centre in Europe


The financial sector in Switzerland represents one of the main economic pillars of the local economy. Moreover, the importance of the financial field has turned the country in one of the top fiancial centers at a European level, being known for sub-fields such as banking or insurance and our team of Swiss lawyers can provide further details on related aspects -  the legislation regulating the financial industry or the provisions established for foreign investors who want to start a company in this domain. 

Swiss Exports in 2016


Import-export activities in Switzerland can offer numerous investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors. At the level of 2016, the Swiss exports had a total value of $303,1 billion, increasing by 75,5% since 2009. Compared to the situation of 2015, the exports in Switzerland increased by 3,8%. Investors who want to open a company performing business activities in this field can receive legal assistance on this matter from our Swiss lawyers

Predicted Growth for the Swiss Economy in 2017


The Swiss Economic Institute predicted that the economy in Switzerland will increase in 2017 by 1,5%, following a modest increased observed in the eurozone. At the same time, the economic growth in Switzerland is also determined by an increase of the consumer spending. Thus, businessmen who want to open a company in Switzerland could benefit from the effects of the local market, especially the aspect refering to the characteristics of the Swiss consumersOur team of Swiss lawyers can offer legal advice on how to start a business here.

Why is Switzerland a Great Location for Purchasing a Property?

Switzerland is a very stable country, which provides high standards of living. Recently, a new study has revealed that Switzerland also represents a great location for persons who want to purchase a property (with an emphasis on the first time buyers). Persons who are taking into consideration to purchase a property in Switzerland should accomplish a set of specific steps stipulated by the local legislation. At the same time, our team of lawyers in Switzerland also recommend performing the due diligence procedures prior to the transaction itself, to verify if the respective property may have any hidden flaws. 

Trade Relations Between Switzerland and Indonesia


Switzerland and Indonesia have developed their trading relations in several important industries, such as tourism, agriculture, education or aviation, as well as for other sectors. Indonesian businessmen interested in business operations in Switzerland can have many business opportunities on the local market, as the country represents one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe. Our law firm in Switzerland can offer more details on the legal aspects related to the commercial or civil legislation applicable here. 

How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer

Swiss investors who are considering doing business in the United States and moving there need to be informed about a few key issues related to immigration. Miami is a popular destination, not only for memorable and American-style vacations but also for business people. Foreigners who are looking towards obtaining a visa or solving immigration issues should know how to choose an immigration lawyer. An immigration attorney in Miami can answer all of your questions.

Mortgage Regulations for Foreigners in Switzerland


Switzerland is an attractive economy, as it provides one of the highest income levels across Europe. Foreigners are welcomed here for personal matters – such as relocation, or to start a company. However, since the country is not a member state of the European Union (EU), its regulations available for foreigners can differ. In this sense, we mention the mortgage regulations, which are applicable to foreign persons, but which are much stricter than in the case of Swiss persons. Those who are involved in a real estate transaction can receive legal assistance from our Swiss law firm. 

FDI in Switzerland: Top Investors and Main Economic Fields


Switzerland is one of the most developed European economies. However, the state is not a member of the European Union (EU) and investors interested in business opportunities that can arise here should know that the legal framework available in this country may differ from the one in EU, but the differences are fading, as the local authorities are trying to align their regulations with the ones available in the EU. Those who want to start a company in Switzerland can receive assistance from our Swiss law firm on the main investment fields available here and for legal aspects referring to the registration of a company. 

Why Invest in Bern?


When opening a company in a foreign country, the investors should first analyse the main assets of the respective economy and the main cities in which a certain business field has the best chances to develop at a fast pace. Those who want to register a company in Switzerland can also take into consideration the city of Bern, which is the capital-city of the country, thus providing the highest business prospects. Switzerland in itself represents an attractive business destination, as its economy is very solid and the inflation is very low. Our law firm in Switzerland can provide assistance to those who want to invest in Bern, by providing relevant information referring to the registration process of new company. 

Business Climate for the Swiss Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical industry represents one of the most important pillars of the Swiss economy. The country has a great importance in this field at a European level, as well as a global level. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland in the field of pharmaceuticals should know that they can benefit from both an excellent infrastructure and a highly qualified workforce. Our team of Swiss lawyers can assist foreign business with assistance for the registration of a corporation or a small and medium sized company. 

Why Invest in the Swiss Medical Technology Field?


Situated at the heart of the European continent, Switzerland is one of the most developed and stable economies in the region. However, it is important to know that the country is not a member state of the European Union (EU), but it does provide a business environment which is similar with the EU’s directives and visions. Businessmen who want to open a company in Switzerland are advised to invest in the medical industry, which is one of the main Gross Domestic Product (GDP) providers of the local economy. Our team of Swiss lawyers can provide more details on how to set up a company here. 

Switzerland Signed a Free Trade Treaty with Georgia


Switzerland provides an attractive economic and legal background, being one of the most stable states situated in Europe. It is important to know that Switzerland is not a member- state of the European Union (EU), but it had signed over the years various treaties which provide a legal basis applicable to natural persons and legal entities similar with the stipulations of the EU, encouraging foreign direct investment on the local market. Foreign businessmen interested in opening a company in Switzerland should know that the local authorities have recently signed a new free trade treaty with Georgia; our team of Swiss lawyers can provide more details on the provisions of the agreement. 

Reasons to Invest in Switzerland


Switzerland is a powerful economy, which provides a solid legal framework available to foreign investors. Those who are interested in investing in the Swiss market are advised to set their operations here, due to a set of factors. Our team of Swiss lawyers can provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs who want to open a business here. 

Obtain a Swiss Passport in 5 Steps


The number of foreign citizens moving to Switzerland for starting a business or for employment reasons who are required to obtain a residence, respectively work permit has risen a lot.  The number of those wanting to apply for citizenship has also increased. In 2014, the Parliament has proposed new changes to the naturalization legislation which is why foreigners moving to the country now face different requirements if they also want to obtain a Swiss passport. The new law will become effective starting with April, 2016. Below you can find how to obtain Swiss citizenship in 5 steps.

Swiss Company Law to Be Amended


The Swiss Companies Law will be partially modified according to a resolution adopted by the Federal Council at the end of 2015. The Council wants to amend the legislation on companies limited by shares by introducing flexible requirements related to the share capital and registration procedures. Shareholders’ rights are also expected to be strengthened.

Swiss ICT Industry Among the Strongest in the World


A recent report places Switzerland on the 7th in the ICT Development Index. The information and communication technology sector has developed quite a lot during the last few years, and thus becoming one of the industries generating an important part of the annual revenue in the Swiss economy. Our lawyers in Switzerland can provide you with information about the most developed branches of the ICT industry.

Switzerland Enforces Four New Double Tax Treaties


Switzerland has started to update or enforce its double tax treaties in order to provide advantageous condition for foreign investors. During November 2015 alone, Switzerland has enforced four new double taxation agreements: with CyprusEstoniaIceland and Uzbekistan. All four conventions contain clauses for administrative assistance and for the promotion of bilateral trade relations.

Swiss Workforce Among the Best in Europe


A new study conducted by a business school in Lausanne places Switzerland on the first position for attractingdeveloping and retaining talent. The World Talent Report released by the IMD business school also notices that Switzerland is the most competitive country in the world for the past nine years when it comes to its workforce.

Switzerland Ranks First in the Financial Secrecy Index


According to the Tax Justice Network, Switzerland occupies the first position in the 2015 Financial Secrecy Index. This is the third time in a row Switzerland ranks first in the Secrecy Index. Among the measures helping Switzerland to maintain its position is also the insertion of protocols for the exchange of tax information in its double taxation agreements. Our Swiss lawyers can provide you with detailed information about the country’s banking secrecy regulations.

Switzerland to Enforce DTA with Argentina


After signing its double taxation agreement with Argentina, Switzerland also ratified the convention at the end of October, 2015. The new treaty provides for new reduced tax rates and was drafted in accordance with the latest Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s standards. If you need details about the content of the double taxation treaty with Argentina you can ask our Swiss lawyers.

Switzerland Amends DTAs with Albania and Norway


In order to provide a favorable tax system to foreign investors,  Switzerland has started to amend or sign  new double tax treaties with other countries. The last countries added to Switzerland’s list of double taxation agreements are Albania and Norway. Our Swiss lawyers can provide you with the full list of double tax treaties the country has enforced so far.


Switzerland Ratifies Double Tax Treaty with Oman


After signing a double taxation treaty in May, Switzerland and Oman have also agreed on the ratification of the convention. The Swiss Federal Council approved the ratification after all the cantons have given their consent. For detailed information about the contents of the double taxation treaty with Oman you can refer to our Swiss lawyers.