Swiss ICT Industry Among the Strongest in the World

Written by: Bridgewest

Swiss-ICT-industry-among-the-strongest-in-the-worldA recent report places Switzerland on the 7th in the ICT Development Index. The information and communication technology sector has developed quite a lot during the last few years, and thus becoming one of the industries generating an important part of the annual revenue in the Swiss economy. Our lawyers in Switzerland can provide you with information about the most developed branches of the ICT industry.

Switzerland in the ICT Development Index

The ICT Development Index (IDI) is issued by the International Telecommunication Union and is based on 11 indicators measuring and comparing developments in the information and communication technology between countries. These indicators are gathered in three main categories: readiness, use and skills. In 2015, Switzerland ranks among the first 10 countries with the most developed ICT industries in the world, occupying the 7th position.

The first IDI report was issued in 2010 and ever since Switzerland has improved every year. This year, Switzerland cumulated 8.56 points out of the maximum of 10. The indicators rising Switzerland positions being:

  • -          the increasing number of mobile broadband connections,
  • -          the increasing number of fixed broadband connections by private users,
  • -          the number of households with Internet connections.

According to the report, Switzerland has one of the most developed research and development (R&D) industries and education systems that produces workforce dedicated to this industry. The combination between these two factors are the ones attracting foreign companies to the country.

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The importance of the ICT industry for the Swiss economy

According to statistics, the ICT sector has become very important for the economy due to its increasing productivity. The number of Swiss companies appealing to ICT applications has grown significantly in the last years due to their efficiency and to their easy implementation. Switzerland has also become the third country in the world when it comes to investments in software as part of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

This industry is also the one creating the highest number of jobs. According to reports, 36% of ICT employees are specialized in this sector and 31% of them work in IT and financial companies.

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