Business Climate for the Swiss Pharmaceutical Industry

Written by: Bridgewest

Business-Climate-for-the-Swiss-Pharmaceutical-Industry.jpgPharmaceutical industry represents one of the most important pillars of the Swiss economy. The country has a great importance in this field at a European level, as well as a global level. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland in the field of pharmaceuticals should know that they can benefit from both an excellent infrastructure and a highly qualified workforce. Our team of Swiss lawyers can assist foreign business with assistance for the registration of a corporation or a small and medium sized company


Pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland  

Switzerland can be seen as an international hub for companies with operations in the field of pharmacy. In 2014, the global sales of the pharmaceutical companies set up in Switzerland accounted for a total value of CHF 144,000 million. The value spent by such companies for research and development (R&D) reached CFH 6,000 million, representing 33% of the global R&D expenditure
The most important region in the country for the establishment of pharmaceutical companies is Basel, which employs almost two thirds of the total workforce available in the industry. 
It is important to know that the Swiss pharmaceutical companies made important contributions to the development of new medicines and vaccines. A company applied for 660 patents in 2012, while another had applied for 460 patents.
Those who want to set up a business presence in this industry have very good prospects in this sense. In 2014, more than a third of the Swiss exports were registered in the pharmaceutical field; our team of Swiss attorneys can offer more details on how to register a pharmaceutical business.

Key figures of the Swiss pharmaceutical field  

Starting with 2000, the Swiss pharmaceutical industry registered the highest annual growth set up in Europe for this field. The Swiss rate is set up at 9.1%. 
Switzerland has more than 200 companies operating in the industry and, at the same time, represents the most important market in terms of stock exchange for life science companies. A third of the Swiss Stock Exchange is comprised of European capital invested by the life science businesses
Entrepreneurs interested in receiving further details on the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland and how to register a business in the field can address to our Swiss law firm for legal representation.