5 Innovative Investment Ideas in Switzerland

Written by: Editor

5-Innovative-Investment-Ideas-in-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland is a top destination for innativove companies, as revealed by the Global Innovation Index 2016. Those who want to register a company in Switzerland must know that this jurisdiction was mentioned as the top innovative country for the sixth consecutive year. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth information on the regulations available for companies investing in innovative techologies

1. Online discount businesses in Switzerland 

Amongst the numerous types of innovative companies operating in Switzerland, a top activity refers to Swiss websites which offer to their clients various types of discounts for a wide range of services and products. This type of business activity has become extremely popular in the online environment across European countries. 
The companies performing this type of activity gain numerous clients as they offer a limited number of online deals which provide relevant discounts

2. “Rent-a-Room” businesses in Switzerland 

Another online activity which has become very popular in Europe refers to an alternative means of renting properties on a short-time basis. The system allows natural persons living in Switzerland to rent their private properties to foreigners who want to visit various regions of the country. 
A website set up for this purpose should provide information on the respective property and its facilities, images depicting the rooms, as well as information on the lender. Our team of Swiss lawyers can provide legal advice on the procedures for setting up a website in this country. 

3. Swiss drone businesses  

In the last years, drones became available for commercial usage, being useful for many business fields. They can be used for weather monitoring activities, search and rescue missions, agriculture, photography and other operations and they are available for natural persons as well, provided that specific rules are respected. Swiss companies have created various services using drones equipped with high-tech systems that are mainly used for agriculture purposes.  

4. Medical technology in Switzerland   

Another innovative business activity aims at the development of medical technology. A Swiss company has created a 3D micro-tissue technology, useful for drug testing

5. An innovative way of reading news 

Most of the persons read daily news by accessing websites specialized in offering this type of information. In a more and more crowded online world, businessmen have found a new business idea, by setting up news aggregators, which can select news depending on specific topics readers will be interested in
Investors are invited to contact our Swiss law firm for further details on how to start an innovative business here.