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FDI in Switzerland: Top Investors and Main Economic Fields


Switzerland is one of the most developed European economies. However, the state is not a member of the European Union (EU) and investors interested in business opportunities that can arise here should know that the legal framework available in this country may differ from the one in EU, but the differences are fading, as the local authorities are trying to align their regulations with the ones available in the EU. Those who want to start a company in Switzerland can receive assistance from our Swiss law firm on the main investment fields available here and for legal aspects referring to the registration of a company. 

Why Invest in Bern?


When opening a company in a foreign country, the investors should first analyse the main assets of the respective economy and the main cities in which a certain business field has the best chances to develop at a fast pace. Those who want to register a company in Switzerland can also take into consideration the city of Bern, which is the capital-city of the country, thus providing the highest business prospects. Switzerland in itself represents an attractive business destination, as its economy is very solid and the inflation is very low. Our law firm in Switzerland can provide assistance to those who want to invest in Bern, by providing relevant information referring to the registration process of new company.