FDI in Switzerland: Top Investors and Main Economic Fields

Written by: Bridgewest

FDI-in-Switzerland-Top-Investors-and-Main-Economic-Fields.jpgSwitzerland is one of the most developed European economies. However, the state is not a member of the European Union (EU) and investors interested in business opportunities that can arise here should know that the legal framework available in this country may differ from the one in EU, but the differences are fading, as the local authorities are trying to align their regulations with the ones available in the EU. Those who want to start a company in Switzerland can receive assistance from our Swiss law firm on the main investment fields available here and for legal aspects referring to the registration of a company

Foreign direct investment in Switzerland 

The foreign direct investment (FDI) in Switzerland represents an important part of the economy of the state, because the investors are drawn to its stable environment, tax policies and incentives provided by the local authorities in order to sustain the business environment. 
The incentives are applied on a cantonal basis and the authorities of some of the Swiss cantons provide important tax exemptions, which can be applicable for a period of 10 years. Our law firm in Switzerland can offer more details on the taxation system applicable to commercial companies, as well as to other types on entities that can be registered here, such as investment funds

Top investors in Switzerland 

Although the business market in Switzerland is available to all investors, traditionally speaking, the Swiss market usually attracts investors from EU or the United States of America. 
At the level of 2014, the total volume of FDI deriving from EU investors had a total value of CHF 16,018 million, while the American businessmen invested in Switzerland a total value of CHF 5,485 million. 
The top representative countries, members of the EU, which preferred to invest in Switzerland are the following: 
The main investment tools preferred for FDI in Switzerland are the following: 
equity capital;
reinvested earnings;
debt securities. 
The top industries in which foreign investors preferred to register a company or to invest in refer to: 
chemicals and plastics;
electronics and watches;
banking industry. 
Another reason why Switzerland represents an important business destination is related to the value of its workforce, represented by persons with a high degree of skills and education. 
Investors are invited to contact our attorneys in Switzerland for more details referring to the investment opportunities arising on this market.