How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer

Written by: Editor

How-to-Choose-an-Immigration-Lawyer.jpgSwiss investors who are considering doing business in the United States and moving there need to be informed about a few key issues related to immigration. Miami is a popular destination, not only for memorable and American-style vacations but also for business people. Foreigners who are looking towards obtaining a visa or solving immigration issues should know how to choose an immigration lawyer. An immigration attorney in Miami can answer all of your questions.

Perform a background check

When trying to find a good immigration lawyer it is always helpful to research the law firm, his credentials and even the cases on which he has worked. Information about a lawyer’s background will often be available online.

Find references 

You can ask for references after your initial consultation with the immigration lawyer. This meeting should also allow you to obtain a clear image about the visa and green card policies in the US and it will be an occasion to discuss estimated costs.

Find a lawyer with whom you can communicate

Most European investors interested in obtaining a U.S. visa are fluent in English, however, it can be helpful to find and hire a Miami immigration lawyer who speaks your language, either German or French.

Keep in touch

Obtaining a visa for the US is just the first step for doing business here. Your attorney will be able to help you during the subsequent processes, like getting a green card.
U.S. investors who are looking to find a team of experienced attorneys in Switzerland can contact us.