Increasing Number of Shoppers for the Swiss e-Commerce Sector

Written by: Editor

The number of the shoppers who purchase various goods and services through the on-line platforms have increased in the last year. A recent study related to on-line shopping showed that the rate of online shoppers increased at 49%, compared to a previous rate of 44%, being close to the European average rate on this matter. 
There is a growing interest showed by the Swiss shoppers in purchasing various goods provided by foreign websites (80% of the participants). Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer legal advice on the regulations related to the e-commerce sector and can help investors with information on the main procedures for setting up a Swiss website


The characteristics of the Swiss e-commerce

Investors interested in starting a company in Switzerland in the e-commerce sector should know that the main reasons that have helped at developing this field of activity is related to the following:
better prices, compared to the traditional shopping;
a better offer, which includes products that are not available at a local level. 
The top products that are generally bought by the Swiss consumers are the following: 
fashion items;
holiday related purchases
As mentioned above, the cross-border online purchases are developing at a steady rate and most of the Swiss consumers have purchased goods from websites registered in the following states: 
Germany (63%);
China (34%);
France (32%). 
It is also important to know that the 89% of the Swiss shoppers have the tendency to buy items from the same website(s). Our team of Swiss lawyers can offer more information on the minimum requirements that are to be included in an online shopping platform, which must also contain a merchant account


The Swiss e-commerce sector

At the level of 2017, the Swiss e-commerce industry (operating as business to client) increased by 10%, reaching an overall value of EUR 10,3 billion. With an online population of 8 million persons, Switzerland has a total market of 4,7 million online shoppers, with a higher rate of male online shoppers (69%), compared to the female consumers (61%)
Investors can address to our law firm in Switzerland for further information on this subject.