Positive Economic Outlook for Switzerland in 2018

Written by: Editor

In 2018, Swiss executives expect a positive economic outlook for their businesses. In a survey conducted by a publication in Switzerland, Swiss executives showed confidence for business prospects in this country. Out of the participants of the study, 81% of the executives declared that they expect a good year, while 19% consider that 2018 will be a stagnant year. However, it is important to know that none of the participants expect a negative effect on their companies. Our team of Swiss lawyers can assist foreign investors with legal advice on corporate matters. 

Strong business sentiment in Switzerland 

The data presented above show a strong confidence of the Swiss businessmen regarding the business environment, compared to the situation of the previous year, when only a third of the participants declared that 2017 will have a positive effect on the local economy. 
The business sentiment is mainly given by the relations Switzerland has with other European countries. Another positive aspect mentioned by Swiss executives refers to the level of exports
The study has revelead that local businessmen will be influenced to invest more on the Swiss market due to the stable economic conditions (28% of the participants, compared to the results of the previous study, when only 18% of the businessmen showed interest in performing investments). 
At the same time, a third of the participants mentioned that they will create new job openings in their companies. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer assistance on the employment law applicable here. 

Economic growth in Switzerland  

The strong business sentiment revealed by Swiss executives is also sustained by the newest data on the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs modified the projections of the GDP for 2018, from a growth rate of 2%, to the current estimate of 2,3%. The agency mentioned that Swiss exporters will benefit from the strong economic growth estimated for this year. Also, the employment rate is expected to increase by 1,2% in 2018
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