Rankings That Recommend Switzerland as a Top Investment Destination

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Switzerland is one of the top destinations preferred by foreign investors. The country has a stable economy and it enjoys a solid legal framework. Also, Switzerland is the top European destination for setting up a cryptocurrency company, being known as the Crypto Valley of Europe
With a competitive economy and a skilled workforce, the country can appeal to a wide range of investors, performing business activities in a various economic sectors. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland may advise on the main reasons for choosing this jurisdiction as an investment destination, and may also assist in setting up a company in one of the Swiss cantons. Also, our attorneys can advise on the tax requirements imposed to corporate entities, which can vary depending on the canton in which the business is set up. 

Switzerland, the most innovative country 

Switzerland received the title of the first innovative jurisdiction at a global level, in the Global Innovation Index 2017, conducted by the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD)
The main reasons why Switzerland became the world’s most innovative country refer to the level of foreign investments and the annual expenditure on the field of research and development. It is important to know that more than 60% of the annual expenditure related to this sector derives from financing from the private sector and our team of Swiss lawyers can further advise on this matter. 

Switzerland, the most competitive economy  

The Global Competitiveness Report 2017 – 2018, conducted by the World Economic Forum, revealed that Switzerland maintains its position as the world’s most competitive economy. Competitiveness in Switzerland is strongly related to the level of innovation and economic performance

Other rankings related to Swiss performance 

Businessmen who want to set up a company here should also know that Switzerland was awarded with the following rankings
first economy for global talent
second rank in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita;
the third economy at a global level regarding the political stability;
fourth country on economic freedom matters. 
Businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Switzerland for consultancy services regarding the registration of a Swiss company