Swiss Exports in 2016

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Swiss-Exports-in-2016.jpegImport-export activities in Switzerland can offer numerous investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors. At the level of 2016, the Swiss exports had a total value of $303,1 billion, increasing by 75,5% since 2009. Compared to the situation of 2015, the exports in Switzerland increased by 3,8%. Investors who want to open a company performing business activities in this field can receive legal assistance on this matter from our Swiss lawyers

Importance of the Swiss exports 

The exports in Switzerland have a great importance for the local economy, being one of the main economic sectors. Swiss exports account for 61,3% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, which, in 2016, had a total value of $494,3 billion. 
Investors who are interested in opening a company in Switzerland in the field of export must know that the main markets to which Swiss products and goods are delivered are represented by European countries. 
The main regions with which Switzerland performes export activities are the following:
European jurisdictions;
Asian countries;
North America;
South America; 
Our lawyers in Switzerland can offer legal advice on the main legislation referring to import-export activities in this country. 

Main Swiss exports 

The Swiss exports are represented by the following categories of products:
gems and precious metals (32,4% of the overall exports);
pharmaceuticals (22,1%);
machinery (7,4%);
clocks and watches (6,5%);
organic chemicals (6,4%);
optical, technical and medical appliances (5,1%);
electrical machinery and equipment (4%);
plastic and plastic products (1,6%);
perfumes and cosmetics (1%);
iron or steel products (0,9%). 
An important aspect that must be mentioned refers to the export of gems and precious metals, which increased by a record value of 859,1% since 2009. 
Businessmen who want to start a company that has as a main activity the trade of gems or precious metals should know that the products with the highest demand were the following: 
We invite businessmen to contact our Swiss law firm for more details referring to the export regulations applicable here.