Switzerland, a Top Financial Centre in Europe

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Switzerland-a-Top-Financial-Centre-in-Europe.jpgThe financial sector in Switzerland represents one of the main economic pillars of the local economy. Moreover, the importance of the financial field has turned the country in one of the top fiancial centers at a European level, being known for sub-fields such as banking or insurance and our team of Swiss lawyers can provide further details on related aspects -  the legislation regulating the financial industry or the provisions established for foreign investors who want to start a company in this domain. 

The importance of the Swiss financial field  

In order to open a company in Switzerland in the financial industry, the businessmen will need to comply with a set of regulations, depending on their business activities, which can refer to the company’s minimum share capital, type of investors or the procedures to enter the local stock exchange. 
One of the main advantages of the financial industry refers to its stability. The importance of the Swiss financial sector is given by its contribution to the local Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which, for the last 20 years, accounted for one sixth of the yearly economic growth registered in this country. 

Characteristics of the financial industry in Switzerland  

Switzerland is a financial centre in Europe due to the large number of local and foreign companies operating in this field. 
Investors interested in business operations in this country can receive assistance to further develop their companies through various funding programs. In order to access a funding scheme in Switzerland, the businessmen will need to comply with the specific requirements established under the respective program and our Swiss law firm can offer legal advice on this matter. 
As a general rule, foreign companies interested in performing business activities here are operating in the following fields: 
pharmaceutical industry;
medical technology. 
Investors must also know that the Swiss Stock Exchange is the top financial market for businesses operating in the medical industries.
We invite businessmen to contact our law firm in Switzerland for more details on the regulations applicable to companies operating in the financial sector