Switzerland, Third Jurisdiction for Digital Evolution

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Switzerland-Third-Jurisdiction-for-Digital-Evolution.jpgThe Digital Evolution Index 2017 revealed that Switzerland occupies the third place for competitiveness in the field of digital technologies. The Digital Evolution Index 2017 takes into consideration 60 jurisdictions and it analyses their digital development starting with 2008, but also their competitiveness and economic growth registered during this period. Foreing businessmen interested in starting a business in Switzerland in this field must know that the country is ranking as the third global economy on this matter, after two other European countries. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth information on the legislation regulating digital activities here. 

The main criteria of the Digital Evolution Index 

In order to analyse the above mentioned aspects, the Digital Evolution Index defined four main criteria referring to this topic. The main aspects included in the study were the following:
internet access and infrastructure;
consumer demand for technology;
legal framework related to digital technologies;
Innovation designates a larger category which refers to both the local state and the investors. For example, in this particular case, the study included the investments performed by the state, as well as the investments created by entrepreneurs, including in digital startup companies
In this sense, those who want to open a company in Switzerland are advised to choose as a main location the city of Zurich, which is considered a top destination for digital companies. At the same time, Zurich ranks as the top international city on innovation matters; our team of Swiss lawyers can offer more details on how to set up a company in this city. 
The top jurisdictions were represented by European countries, as follows: 

Switzerland, a leading innovation economy at a global level  

As mentioned above, Zurich is considered the top global destination on innovation. According to the Digital Evolution Index, Switzerland ranked as the first economy for innovation, a title that has been awarded to this country for the last seven consecutive years
It is also important to mention that Switzerland has a very solid legal framework regulating the digital environment, especially on data privacy.
Foreign businessmen interested in the setting up a website or a digital company in this country may find out further information from our attorneys. Please contact our law firm in Switzerland for advice on the incentives available for this type of business.