Trade Relations Between Switzerland and Indonesia

Written by: Bridgewest

Trade-Relations-Between-Switzerland-and-Indonesia.jpgSwitzerland and Indonesia have developed their trading relations in several important industries, such as tourism, agriculture, education or aviation, as well as for other sectors. Indonesian businessmen interested in business operations in Switzerland can have many business opportunities on the local market, as the country represents one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe. Our law firm in Switzerland can offer more details on the legal aspects related to the commercial or civil legislation applicable here. 

Indonesia – Switzerland trade value  

The trading relations established between Indonesia and Switzerland had a total value of $1,7 billion at the level of 2015. This represented an increase of 124%, which was a direct effect of the export activities carried out by Indonesia
Indonesian exports in Switzerland increased in 2015 by 300%, reaching a total value of $1,07 billion. The level of exports from Switzerland to Indonesia have a much lower value, of only $0,63 billion. 
The trading relations between Switzerland and Indonesia are developing, as the Swiss investors find numerous business opportunities on the Indonesian market due to the fact the local authorities have created various policies to sustain the foreign direct investments in the Asian country
It is important to know that the Swiss business environment is represented in Indonesia by approximately 150 companies. Although their number may not seem large, Swiss companies were able to create 60,000 jobs on the Indonesian market
Our Swiss law firm can provide more information on the agreements signed by the representatives of the two states. 

Swiss companies in Indonesia  

The Swiss companies operating on the Indonesian market operate in the following fields of activity: 
pharmaceutical industry;
construction sector;
energy sector;
manufacturing industry;
One of the main reasons related to the development of the business relations between the two states is given by the Indonesian - European Free Trade Association (EFTA) agreement. 
EFTA refers to the European countries which are not member states of the European Union (EU). At the moment, through EFTA, the two countries are negotiating on the conditions related to tax reductions which could be applicable for the textile and footwear sectors in Indonesia. 
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