Try Our New Company Formation Tool

Written by: Editor

Try-our-New-Company-Formation-Tool.jpgWhen opening a company in Switzerland, it is necessary to receive legal assistance on the latest regulations on this matter. Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can advise in this sense, trying to meet any demand our clients might have. In order to ease the procedure of opening a business in Switzerland, we have created a tool that is useful to both the applicant, as well to our attorneys, who can gather in a faster manner relevant information on the future legal entity. Below, we describe how the mechanism of our new tool works. 


Choosing a trading name for the Swiss company 

One of the first aspects that has to be completed during the registration of a Swiss company refers to its trading name. Since this is the first step that should be clarified, we have incorporated it in our company formation tool. After submitting the proposed company name, through our tool, the investors will be able to find out if the respective business name is available on the territory of Switzerland
Our tool includes in the “Form Your Swiss Company” section two other main aspects: 
the legal entity the investors will choose ( the limited liability company or the stock company and our team of Swiss lawyers can provide in-depth information on the main advantages of each business form);
the name of the shareholders (the persons who will set up the business) and well as the shares they will own in the company (expressed in percentage). 

Information on the future Swiss company 

The second step will require our clients to offer further information on the future company, such as:
the name of the company’s directors;
the address of the shareholders;
objects of activity for the future company
Further on, the investors may choose from several services provided by our law firm in Switzerland and our clients may request, for example, value added tax registration, trademark registration and other services usually encountered during this procedure. 

Documents for company registration in Switzerland  

Any person wishing to set up a company in Switzerland has to provide a set of documents during the registration procedure. Depending on the nationality of the applicant, the required documents can vary and the investors are invited to contact our Swiss law firm for further assistance on this subject and on the manner in which our tool can be employed.