Why Invest in Bern?

Written by: Bridgewest

Why-Invest-in-Bern.jpgWhen opening a company in a foreign country, the investors should first analyse the main assets of the respective economy and the main cities in which a certain business field has the best chances to develop at a fast pace. Those who want to register a company in Switzerland can also take into consideration the city of Bern, which is the capital-city of the country, thus providing the highest business prospects. Switzerland in itself represents an attractive business destination, as its economy is very solid and the inflation is very low. Our law firm in Switzerland can provide assistance to those who want to invest in Bern, by providing relevant information referring to the registration process of new company. 

The economy of Bern 

Bern is a very well developed region of Switzerland, which offers many business prospects. The main business sectors in Bern are the following: 
precision industry;
wine production. 
Switzerland is famous throughout the world for the production of chocolate and watches and it is important to know that some of the well reputed international companies providing watch products or internet services have their headquarters registered in Bern and investors may find more details on the registration procedure from our Swiss law firm. Also, the local authorities provide assistance to those operating in the research and development field, and innovative businesses are sustained through several programmes. 

Registering a company in Bern  

As mentioned above, businesses registered in Bern, Switzerland, benefit from a wide range of services provided by the local authorities. For example, small and medium-sized enterprises can receive consultancy services, under the innoBe programme
Businessmen operating on the high-tech market can also benefit from professional assistance, provided through the programme BaseCamp4HighTech
The legal forms a company can have in Bern, Switzerland are: 
limited liability company;
public limited company;
When incorporating a company here, the investors will have to pay the following corporate taxes
profit and capital tax;
withholding tax;
stamp duty. 
Value Added Tax, only when the company reaches a turnover threshold. 
It is also important to mention that, amongst the developed countries, Switzerland imposes one of the smallest taxation systems
Businessmen are invited to contact our attorneys in Switzerland for more details on how to invest in Bern.