Investor Visa for Switzerland - Guide for 2021

Investor Visa for Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 10th March 2021

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Investor-Visa-for-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland is one of the friendliest countries when referring to foreigners. Foreign investors can enter the local market by obtaining an investor visa, a document which is created to allow an easier access of foreign businessmen on the Swiss market, by providing them the right to reside in this country. Our law firm in Switzerland can offer legal assistance to the businessmen who want to receive an investor visa here. 


Programmes for obtaining the Swiss investor visa 

Foreign investors can obtain a visa for Switzerland through the several programmes which are available for them. It is important to know that the local legislation distinguishes between investors – national citizens of a member state of the European Union (EU) and those who reside outside the community. Our Swiss law firm can offer more details related to the nationality regulations. 
Non-EU businessmen can obtain an investor visa through two main methods: 
Swiss Lump Sum Taxation, applicable for retirees. 
It is important to know that the non-EU investors with an age above 55 years old can also apply for an investor visa if they plan to invest in a Swiss company


Eligibility criteria in Switzerland in 2021

In order to obtain a Swiss investor visa in 2021, the businessmen will have to be eligible for one of the following criteria: 
businessmen who are not currently active on the local market;
actors, musicians, sportsmen;
persons who own sufficient assets and who do not need to be employed.
At the level of 2021, other conditions for obtaining the Swiss investor visa refer to the value of the investment. Thus, investors are eligible if the invest at least CHF 500,000 in a company in Switzerland (small or medium sized company). In order to obtain the visa here, it is also necessary for the respective investment to produce positive economic benefits for the canton in which it operates, such as job creation
Through this visa, it is also expected that the investor will live in Switzerland for most of the time. Also, it is important to demonstrate that the investor has some connections with the country. 

Why relocate to Switzerland in 2021 through an investor visa

The Swiss investor visa is one of the best ways to relocate to Switzerland in 2021. It can be obtained by EU and non-EU entrepreneurs who want to have their own businesses here.
Obtaining an investor visa for Switzerland in 2021 is subject to the same requirements as it was a few years back and it implies preparing various documents, however, the procedure can be overseen by our law firm.
If you have questions on the investors visa in Switzerland or information for 2021, you can rely on our lawyers for detailed answers.
Businessmen who need more details on the Swiss investor visa are invited to contact our attorneys in Switzerland