Legal Services in Basel

Legal Services in Basel

Updated on Wednesday 09th March 2016

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Legal-services-in-BaselBasel-one of the best Swiss cities to invest in

The Basel region is one of the most diverse parts of Switzerland in terms of culturalism as it is situated in the northwestern part of the country, partially in Germany and in France. The city of Basel is currently one of the most developed commercial networks in the country and is also home to some of the greatest pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland. Another industry that has a great development potential is the chemical one.

If you are interested in moving or opening a company in Basel and want to know more about the legislation in this region, you can obtain more information from our lawyers in Switzerland. Made up of highly experienced professionals, our legal team can provide you with tailored legal services.

Legal assistance in opening a company in Basel

The number of foreign investors coming to start businesses in Basel has increased exponentially over the years. If you are among those seeking to open a company in this city, our Swiss lawyers can offer you various legal assistance with respect to the registration procedure. Our attorneys can explain what the main types of companies you can set up in Basel are and what their advantages are. Our legal team will also provide you with information about the requirements for registering a legal entity are. The conditions vary in number of shareholders and share capital.

Once all details are established, our Swiss attorneys can help you by preparing the documentation related to company incorporation procedure and file it with the local Companies Registrar. If, for any reason, you cannot be present in Basel at the time of the registration, our lawyers can conduct the whole procedure through power of attorney.

Legal services in taxation matters in Basel

Basel-Stadt is the canton where the city with the same is located and which also has its own local tax laws. Foreign investors and citizens can request the assistance of our law firm in Switzerland for information about the applicable tax rates in Basel. For legal entities, our attorneys can also find the best tax planning solutions in order to maximize their earnings.

Moving to Basel

Whether you want to move to Basel for employment reasons or for opening a company, our Swiss law firm can help you with the visa procedures. Among the legal services provided by our lawyers in Switzerland for foreign citizens are:

  • -          assistance in obtaining a residence or an employment permit;
  • -          assistance in renting a property;
  • -          assistance in buying a property.

Moreover, our Swiss attorneys can also assist foreign citizens in litigation cases related to both corporate and civil matters.

For a complete list of all legal services provided by our legal staff in Basel, please feel free to contact us.