Legal Services in Geneva

Legal Services in Geneva

Updated on Tuesday 15th March 2016

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GenevaWhy invest in Geneva?

Capital of the canton with the same name, Geneva is one of the most prosperous Swiss cities. Seen as an important financial center, The city is home to numerous companies activating in the financial industry. It is also renowned for the high quality of life it offers to foreign citizens living in Switzerland, many surveys pointing out Geneva is the third city in the world when it comes to life quality.

From an economic point of view, Geneva is one of the most productive cities in Switzerland, its economy relying mostly on the services and private banking industries. The city also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, of nearly 6%, because of the highly skilled labor force made up of a balanced mix of local and foreign workers.

If you are interested to find out more about Geneva as a place of doing business, our lawyers in Switzerland can offer you detailed information. Furthermore, our lawyers will provide you with their legal services if choosing to set up a company here.

Legal services for foreign investors in Geneva

When first coming to Geneva is very important to find out the applicable legislation related to opening companies. Foreign entrepreneurs must know that Switzerland has federal and local regulations, which is why it is very important to appeal to the legal services of a law firm in order to find out what the local legislation stipulates. Our Swiss lawyers can help you with the business registration procedure for opening a company in Geneva. Among the legal services provided by our attorneys are:

  • -          assistance in choosing the type of company to register;
  • -          assistance in drafting the incorporation documents;
  • -          filing the documentation with the Swiss Commercial Register;
  • -          assistance with obtaining relevant business licenses.

Our Swiss attorneys can also help you better understand what the main advantages of investing in Geneva are.

Legal assistance in taxation matters in Geneva

With a solid experience in corporate law, our Swiss lawyers can provide with legal advice when it comes to tax-related matters. Switzerland has a 3-tier taxation system: a federal, a cantonal and a local one. Our local lawyers can explain what the main taxes levied in Geneva are and what tax facilities you can obtain here. They can also provide you with tailored tax optimization solutions for you company in Geneva.

Legal services for foreign citizens moving to Geneva

Our law firm in Switzerland also provides legal assistance to foreign citizens immigrating to this country and choosing Geneva as their city of residence. Whether you need help in applying for a residence or work permit or if you want to buy a property in Geneva you can count on our lawyers’ support. Our Swiss attorneys also offer legal assistance in other matters such as marriage registration.

No matter the type of legal services you need, you can contact our Swiss law  firm for help.