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Legal Services in Switzerland

Legal Services in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 25th April 2016

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Legal-Services-in-SwitzerlandWhy is it important to request the legal services of a Swiss law firm?

Switzerland is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe and it provides great investment opportunities to foreign enterprisers. However, in order to run a successful business, investors will require the expertise of a Swiss law firm to guide them through the legal system of the country and help them make the right decision. Our legal team in Switzerland is comprised of lawyers and accountants ready to provide support and business consultancy in all corporate and civil matters.

What are the legal services available in Switzerland?

The first step when investing in Switzerland is to verify the types of companies available for registration, the best canton to invest in and the taxes applied in the area interested in investing in. Our lawyers in Switzerland can provide detailed information about the federal and cantonal legislation. Our legal staff in Switzerland will offer accurate and updated information from all cantons and our legal services are provided at national level.

The law firm in Switzerland will help foreign investors to choose the suitable type of business and with the company registration process. Moreover, our accounting staff will help clients with tax registration, filing the annual financial statements and will also provide tax optimization solutions.

Legal services in civil matters in Switzerland

Our Swiss lawyers provide legal services in civil matters such as obtaining residency and opening bank accounts. The Swiss legal team will also offer representation in civil lawsuits whenever needed and can provide consultancy in debt recovery matters. For those interested in acquiring real estate properties, we can help them with the due diligence process before the purchase, drafting the sale-purchase contract and property registration with the Swiss Land Registry. Our Swiss attorneys will help clients in obtaining the special licenses and permits required by the authorities.

You can contact us anytime for detailed information about the legal services provided by our law firm in Switzerland and for information about the best cantons to invest in. You can also ask our Swiss attorneys about the most prosperous industries and investment incentives offered by the government to foreign businessmen.



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