Legal Services in Zurich

Legal Services in Zurich

Updated on Thursday 19th March 2020

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Legal-Services-in-ZurichZurich as an international business center

Our law firm in Switzerland offers legal services in all important cities of the country. Foreign businessmen wanting to invest in Switzerland can contact our legal team for detailed information about the business environment in a certain city or canton. One of the top cities in Switzerland is Zurich, a city that offers numerous possibilities for enterprisers wanting to set up a new company or to expand their existing company with a subsidiary or branch office.

Zurich is one of the most developed cities in Switzerland with immense investment opportunities in areas like science, education, financial services, IT&C and retail. Zurich is also a representative of the tourism industry. There are over 150,000 international companies in Zurich at the moment, as Swiss labor force is one of the most prepared in Europe.

Our Swiss lawyers will help foreign enterprisers interested in knowing more about the business environment and investment incentives offered at national and cantonal level.

Legal services available in Zurich

Foreign investors will usually request the knowledge of a Swiss law firm as a first contact point when setting up a business. With a broad experience in business consulting, our legal team is ready to answer to all questions possible clients may have.

 Our Swiss lawyers will draft the Articles of Association for new companies, will file all required documents for company registration and will register the new company with the tax authorities. An experienced accounting team completes our Swiss legal team by providing accurate information about the taxation system and the deductions investors may benefit from. They can also prepare and file the annual financial statements with the tax authorities in Zurich.

Other legal services in Zurich

Many people wanting to live and work in Switzerland are required to apply for a visa. Our lawyers in Switzerland will provide legal services in order for the process to be as simple as possible and clients can obtain their visa without any delay. Legal representation is also available in civil litigation matters or debt collection. For clients interested in buying real estate properties, our Swiss lawyers will fine the suitable place and make sure the purchase process is simple and fast.

Our Swiss law firm will provide these and many other legal services in Zurich, which is why we invite clients to contact us for details about the information that interest them the most.