Open a Company in the Energy Sector in Switzerland

Open a Company in the Energy Sector in Switzerland

Updated on Thursday 29th July 2021

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Open-a-Company-in-the-Energy-Sector-in-Switzerland.jpgThe energy sector in Switzerland is mainly based on hydro-electricity and nuclear power and in order to meet its electricity demand, the country is strongly dependent on electricity imports (accounting for approximately 70% of the entire demand). Our team of Swiss lawyers, who have an in-depth experience in the legal matters concerning the registration of a business in the energy industry, can assist foreign and local investors with advice on the regulations prescribed for this business activity. 

What are the main rules of law regulating the Swiss energy sector?

The main rules of law that regulate the energy industry in Switzerland are represented by the Energy Act, the Nuclear Energy Act and the Electricity Supply Act. The Energy Act was recently modified and it entered into force starting with 1st of January 2018; the amended document includes new provisions created to implement the country’s Energy Strategy 2050 and our team of lawyers in Switzerland can advise on the latest modifications of the Energy Act, which refer to the following:
  • the amended legislation aims at reducing the energy consumption and at increasing the energy efficiency;
  • it also prescribes new regulations for the development of the renewable energy activities;
  • the development of the renewable energy activities are sustained by the state, following a feed-in-tariff system;
  • the feed-in-tariff system is available for hydropower plants, solar, wind, geothermal energy, as well as for energy sources obtained from biomass and biological waste. 

What are the current trends related to the Swiss energy sector? 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Switzerland in the energy sector should know that the country is committed to reducing the level of nuclear power usage, in the context of the Energy Strategy 2050. The local authorities are interested in increasing hydropower as a source for energy production, which at the moment, has a 55% share from the total local production. 
Switzerland has a total of 579 hydropower plants and benefits from ideal environmental conditions for the usage of this energy source. The main institution which regulates the energy sector in Switzerland is the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, operating under the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications. Businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Switzerland for legal assistance concerning the licenses and permits that have to be obtained from the local institutions when entering the Swiss energy sector