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Open a Limited Liability Company in Switzerland

Open a Limited Liability Company in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 04th January 2017

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Open-a-Limited-Liability-Company-in-Switzerland.jpgThe limited liability company (LLC) in Switzerland represents the most popular type of business form registered here. The LLC is preferred by the investors across Europe, because this legal form provides numerous advantages for the shareholders and their liability is limited to the amount of shares they own in the business. Moreover, the LLC and its founders are considered two different structures, which is not applicable for all types of companies available in Switzerland. For example, in a sole proprietorship there is no distinction between the company and the owner. Our law firm in Switzerland can offer more details on the registration procedure of a LLC


Legal aspects referring to the Swiss LLC 

A limited liability company (LLC) in Switzerland represents a type of company with legal personality that is registered by at least one founding member. In order to incorporate the Swiss LLC, the investor will have to deposit the minimum share capital, which is set up at CHF 20,000. In a LLC, the nominal value of a share has to be of minimum CHF 100.
Switzerland is a country which welcomes foreigners – both for relocation purposes as well as for starting a business here. In this sense, we mention that when registering a LLC, the local legislation does not state any limitations related to the number of foreign shareholders in a LLC – as it can be formed with 100% foreign ownership, but the only aspect that must be respected is that any LLC in Switzerland should have a director who is a Swiss citizen
Businessmen can watch a short presentation related to the limited liability company in Switzerland

Our Swiss law firm can offer more details on other legal aspects related to a LLC in Switzerland

Register a LLC in Switzerland  

In order to register a LLC in Switzerland, the investors will have to provide a set of documents. Swiss legislation states the following documents: 
the shareholders’ passport copy;
the company’s business plan;
details on the owners of the company. 
The taxation of a company registered as a LLC is performed in accordance with the canton in which it was registered. It is also important to know that a LLC can benefit from the stipulations of the double taxation treaties signed by Switzerland
Businessmen interested in opening a limited liability company in Switzerland are invited to contact our attorneys in Switzerland


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