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Power of Attorney in Switzerland

Power of Attorney in Switzerland

Updated on Saturday 08th July 2017

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Power-of-Attorney-in-SwitzerlandTypes of powers of attorney in Switzerland

The Swiss Code of Obligations allows individuals to appoint others in order to represent them in certain situations. Representation is done by power of attorney in Switzerland. The Swiss powers of attorney can be divided into two categories:

  • -          the general power of attorney,
  • -          the specific power of attorney.

While the general power of attorney can be used in a broader sense, the specific power of attorney can be used only in certain cases in Switzerland. The power of attorney can be used for different purposes among which the most common are:

- for business purposes;
- for representation before the authorities or Swiss courts;
- for concluding contracts on behalf of someone;
- for making payments.
More details on the Swiss power of attorney are available in the video below:


Most of the times powers of attorney are used for representation in inheritance matters in Switzerland. For details about drafting powers of attorney you can refer to our law firm in Switzerland.

What must a Swiss power of attorney contain?

Drafting a power of attorney is not that simple as it must contain certain elements which will attest its validity. Among these the names of the individual granting the power of attorney and the representative. In Switzerland, powers of attorney must also be signed and dated and the documents should also mention the place where they were concluded. One of the most important elements of the power of attorney is the signatures of both the donor and the empowered person. Usually powers of attorney are signed before a Swiss notary who will also certify the deed. You can also ask our Swiss lawyers for notarial services.

Powers of attorney when doing business in Switzerland

One the most frequent uses of powers of attorney in Switzerland is for business purposes. Foreign investors opening companies in Switzerland will usually appoint a trustworthy person to represent them in the incorporation procedure. However, powers of attorney can also be used when opening a corporate bank account which is a requirement for companies. Powers of attorney can also be used when concluding a business contract with a Swiss company on behalf of a foreign investor.

For complete information about all the uses of powers of attorney you can contact our law firm in Switzerland.





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