Resolve Employment Disputes in Switzerland

Resolve Employment Disputes in Switzerland

Updated on Wednesday 25th May 2016

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Resolve-employment-disputes-in-Switzerland.jpgRelations between the employers and the employees can result in several occasions in an employment dispute, which can appear as an effect of numerous reasons (one of the parties did not respect the rules and regulations of the employment contract, strikes, salaries reductions, professional errors). Regardless of the reasons, both the individuals and the legal entities can receive assistance on the ways in which employment disputes can be resolved from our team of Swiss lawyers

Types of employment disputes in Switzerland

It is important to know that the local legislation provides a distinction amongst the conflicts which can arise in the working environment
individual labor disputes – involving just a single person;
collective labor disputes – involving at least several employees. 
In the situation of individual employment conflicts where the claims have a maximum value of CHF 30,000, the local courts have established simple procedures to settle the case, which do not incur any courts fee. The fee is applicable only for the cases with a claim higher than the above mentioned sum. 
The collective employment disputes are resolved in a different manner, which involves the assistance of the cantonal conciliation boards; our team of Swiss attorneys can provide more details on the specific of the court system in Switzerland

Employment law in Switzerland 

The conflicts that may arise between the employers and the employees can be resolved under the stipulations of the Swiss Labor Law. These types of disputes can be resolved in accordance with their type (individual/collective) and in accordance with the jurisdiction on this matter (public matters are treated in a different manner than the private sector). 
Courts in Switzerland are established under a Cantonal system. At the moment, more than half of the cantons in Switzerland have set up a labor court in which employment disputes can be resolved. 
Persons interested in receiving more information on the employment disputes in Switzerland can address to our law firm