The Swiss Verein

The Swiss Verein

Updated on Thursday 09th March 2017

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The-Swiss-VereinWhat is the Swiss Verein?

The Verien or association is a legal structure recognized by the Swiss Civil Code is the equivalent of the American voluntary association. The same legal entity is also available in Germany, the only difference between the German and the Swiss Verein being that the Swiss structure is not required to be registered. The only reason to register a Verein with the Swiss Commercial Register is if it carries out commercial activities. A Verein can also be employed as a non-profit or non-governmental organization (NGO) in Switzerland. The same structure is also employed by trade unions, business organizations and lawyers in Switzerland.

How to set up a Swiss Verein?

Setting up a Swiss Verein is quite simple the only requirement being to draft the Articles of Association. There are no registration fees attached to the opening of such association in Switzerland. A Swiss Verein must also appoint two individuals who will be the representatives of the association. The officers must also appoint a management board of any other type of Swiss business structure.  The Swiss Verein must also have its accounts audited.

More details on the Swiss verein are available in the following presentation: 

This type of association is usually employed by international companies wanting to establish a presence in Switzerland without being required to spend too much time with company registration procedures. Business organizations established as associations are usually considered Swiss limited liability companies. The may also be regarded as decentralized corporate bodies. The officials setting up the Verein will be directly responsible for the organization and functioning of the association and must comply with the Swiss legislation.

What are the advantages of Swiss associations?

Considering a Verein functions as a Swiss branch office of an international organization, it will be held accountable within the limits of the country it is established without affecting the activities of the central organization. The Verien is also among the most employed vehicles when it comes to international mergers in Switzerland. Another great advantage is that there are no costs when setting up a Verein in Switzerland.

For information about other advantages of associations and assistance is setting up a Verein, please contact our law firm in Switzerland.