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Virtual Office in Switzerland

Virtual Office in Switzerland

Updated on Saturday 16th April 2016

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Virtual-Office-in-SwitzerlandThe virtual office provides the communication means and address services such as mail without the need of an actual physical office.

Our law firm can provide you with a virtual office customized to any type of company in Switzerland.

The video below shows the main steps to set up a Swiss virtual office:

Communication services in a Swiss virtual office

Our Swiss law firm gives you the possibility to open a virtual office and provides you with the required type of communication facilities:

-a local phone number in Zurich or any other Swiss city you need with answering services so that you can send or receive information in a timely manner directly to your office.

-voice mail services that, by using the latest technology, will store voice messages and then will convert them and send them to your e-mail address.

You can also benefit from call forwarding services so that you receive messages directly to your office and a fax number where we can collect your fax messages and have them delivered to you. At your request, we can also collect your bank statements.

Space services for virtual offices in Switzerland

We can set up virtual office spaces in any city of Switzerland and provide you with prestigious registered office addresse without having to pay any money on lease services. The virtual office is ideal for companies wanting to open a representative office in Switzerland. Your professional address can also be used as mailbox where you entire correspondence will be received and then forwarded wherever necessary without the use of the conventional postal services.

In your virtual office in Switzerland you will have access to a broadband internet connection, an all-in-one machine that will copy, print and fax all your documents, and telephones you will be able to use for conference call and video calls, as well as a meeting room.

Advantages of the virtual office in Switzerland

The main advantage a Swiss virtual office can have is the balance between high maintenance office spaces and the small amount of money paid on those spaces. Another benefit of a virtual office is that companies can have one in every city they want to expand their business in and that without causing an impact on their expenses. Companies will also benefit from the newest technologies without the necessity of hiring personnel.


You can contact our lawyers in Switzerland for advice on how to set up a virtual office or incorporate a company.



  • Mc Williamson 2015-02-21

    Please provide business address & mail forward service pricing for Zurich city center location. Kind regards.

  • Stephanie Wong 2015-06-18

    We are a services company, we have a client who have a SA company in Switzerland he want to change the director (proxy) so we will help him find & appoint a Swiss director for him. Please let me know if you have provide this kind of service, and please give us the annual fees of the director. Thank you

    Hello Stephanie  and thank you for writing to us. Please send us a detailed e-mail with your request at office(at) and we will reply as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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