Legal Services in Zug Canton

Legal Services in Zug Canton

Updated on Thursday 19th March 2020

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Legal-Services-in-Zug-CantonWhy invest in Zug Canton?

Our law firm in Switzerland offers legal services throughout the country. Among the cities and cantons our Swiss lawyers provide legal assistance in there are Zurich and the Zug Canton. If Zurich is one the most important business centers in Switzerland, Zug Canton is one of the cantons with the lowest tax rates and home to most of international companies located in the country.

Company incorporation in Zug

Our legal services consist in providing clients detailed information about the types of companies available for registration in Zug and conduct the incorporation process. Being one the best ranked countries in the world in terms of company incorporation many investors want to set up companies in Switzerland. Our Swiss lawyers will help them with the incorporation process and through power of attorney clients are not requested to be physically present throughout the procedure. Further on, our legal team will register the company with the tax authorities.

Our lawyers in Switzerland will also provide valuable information about the investment possibilities available for enterprisers.

Legal services in civil matters in Zug Canton

Our Swiss lawyers will provide legal services in the following civil matters:

  1. litigations,
  2. debt recovery,
  3. divorce procedures,
  4. marriage registration,
  5. visa applications,
  6. employment issues.

Our law firm in Switzerland will offer legal representation in any of the matters stated above and more. Our legal services consist in personalized solutions based on our clients’ needs. We can also conduct due diligence processes in property purchases.

Legal services in accounting matters in Zug Canton

Our Swiss legal team is completed by an experienced accounting staff that will propose tax minimization solutions and will also detail the double taxation treaties Switzerland signed with other countries. Ours legal services in accounting matters consist in explaining the taxation system and the deductions or exemptions applied in the Zug Canton to local and foreign companies. Also, if you need details about the types of taxes in Switzerland, our team is at your disposal.

Our lawyers in Switzerland will provide all the information to clients interested in investing in Zug Canton. You can contact us for any question you have about investment incentives or business consultancy services.