GDPR Legislation in Switzerland

GDPR Legislation in Switzerland

Updated on Thursday 26th July 2018

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GDPR-Legislation-in-Switzerland.jpgAlthough Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union (EU), the country has been traditionally connected to the European legislation, in order to ensure a free flow of capital between the two regions. Following the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applicable at the level of the EU starting with 25th of May 2018, Switzerland had to modernize its national legislation concerning the protection of data provided by users and clients to Swiss companies.  

How are Swiss businesses affected by the EU’s GDPR law?  

After the EU finalised the proposal on the GDPR legislation, in April 2016, the Swiss authorities drafted a bill regarding the update of the Swiss Data Protection Act, by introducing amendments that fall within the scope of the EU legislation on the matter and our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer in-depth advice on this subject.  
This measure was taken as the Swiss companies are affected to a certain extent by the EU’s GDPR law and it was necessary to create a legal framework that can protect their interest. It is important to know that Swiss companies can fall within the scope of the European GDPR law in the following situations: 
  • a Swiss company carries a part of its commercial activities in a country member-state of the EU;
  • a company registered in Switzerland sells products through an online website to European clients;
  • a Swiss subsidiary operating in the EU collects information on its EU employees;
  • a company registered in Switzerland collects data on its EU clients via online websites for marketing purposes.

How can our Swiss lawyers assist you on the GDPR law?  

Our team of lawyers in Switzerland can offer legal assistance on all the provisions of the GDRP law applicable to Swiss businesses. Investors may request for advice on personal data inventory and the types of data that a company may collect from its employees, clients, users and partners.  
Businessmen can contact our law firm in Switzerland for consultancy services on the protection of personal data, as well as on the procedures related to data retention and notification, through which businesses will inform their clients on the types of data that are collected.