Purchasing a Company in Switzerland

Purchasing a Company in Switzerland

Updated on Monday 23rd March 2020

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Swiss Shelf Companies

A shell or shelf company in Switzerland is a business that was not brought up to run economic operations. Shelf companies are usually set up to be sold later on to third parties. Most of these ready-made companies are stock companies (AG) or limited liability companies (L.L.C.).

A shelf company is usually a firm lacking economic operations for an amount time.

 Buying a shelf company in Switzerland has many advantages.

The owners and shareholders of a Swiss company have the possibility of keeping their identity unknown. You can save time due to a quick purchase of an already registered company and you can opt for one with a history or with no economic background.  The only shares or stock of the company can be replaced or redistributed thus leading to the anonymity of the owner, like mentioned before. In order to purchase a Swiss shell company you only need an official contract, no notary needed.

The purchase of a Swiss shelf company is very little time-consuming and all you need is to sign a sales contract and pay the purchase price for the shares of the company before starting to use it. Ask for legal advice from our attorneys in Switzerland if you require personalized consultancy.

While the creation of a new company takes up to 18 days, the purchase of a shelf company will only take 10 days before it is registered to the Commercial Register.

The advantages of buying a company in Switzerland are:

  • -the highly specialized personnel in Switzerland 
  • -the research and business associated with Switzerland are highly appreciated
  • -the multi-lingual staff, as Switzerland has German, Italian and French as official languages
  • - a company that already exists may have a good background and you will be able to compare it to other new incorporated companies
  • -you don’t need to register a new name for a ready-made company, but you can change it
  • -the flexibility of the Swiss tax system
  • - an already-made company has its own legal address, corporate bank account, a director that resides in Switzerland and all necessary certificates and permissions.


If you need help in purchasing a shelf company in Switzerland our company offers you the best options and our specialists in corporate law can help you take the right decision and offer you the best assistance in making your purchase.

For more details on how to open a company in Switzerland, feel free to get in contact with our specialists.