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Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Switzerland

Obtaining Special Permits and Licenses in Switzerland

Updated on Thursday 27th April 2017

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Obtaining-Special-Permits-and-Licenses-in-SwitzerlandSpecial licenses in Switzerland

The registration of a company with the Swiss Commercial Register is usually enough when starting a business, as a general business license will be issued. However, if a company will operate in a few specific sectors, special licenses or permits will be required. In Switzerland special licenses will be required when:

- opening a financial company;
- opening an insurance company;
- opening a transportation company;
- when opening a recruitment agency;
- when opening a casino.
More details on the Swiss special permits and licenses are available in the video below: 

Swiss lawyers, dentists, physicians and pharmacists are also required to apply for special permits before starting working. Another special license is required for those opening hotels or restaurants in Switzerland. A special business license is usually released within a week in Switzerland.

Obtaining special retail permits in Switzerland

Retail permits are required for those opening restaurants and hotels in Switzerland. Foreign enterprisers applying for a special retail license must take into account they must for obtain a wholesale trade permits with the Swiss Alcohol Board, according to the Law on Alcohol. The wholesale trade license has a one-year validity period and is subject to a fee. Our Swiss attorneys may offer you more information about licensing fees. The special license for selling alcohol is issued only to applicant providing financial security. Retailers are also required to obtain a special retail trade permit with the Swiss cantonal authorities.

Obtaining other special permits in Switzerland

Other Swiss special licenses and permits are obtained with the relevant authorities, as it follows:

  • - insurance companies are required to apply for an insurance license with the Financial Market Supervisory Authority,
  • Swiss financial companies are also required to apply for a special license with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority,
  • - casino licenses are obtained with the Swiss Federal Gaming Board.

Depending on the activities undertaken the Swiss company applying for a special permit or license may also be subject to other requirements. Our lawyers in Switzerland will be able to provide you with more information about obtaining a certain type of license. You can also contact us if you need help with the company registration procedure.




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